Yellow Wallpaper Movie Trailer Brings the Classic 1892 Story to the Screen


Filmmaker and horror icon larry fessenden has developed a long career creating and supporting independent horror.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) celebrates with a retrospective of Fessenden and Glass Eye Pixthe New York indie production shingle run by the author of the genre.

Functioning from March 30 to April 19the retrospective will feature 26 feature films and numerous shorts, animations and early works created during Glass Eye Pix’s 37 years of business.

He understands Fessenden’s management efforts No indication, habit, Wendigo, the last winter, under, and Depraved.

The retrospective “Oh, Humanity! includes works by famous directors Kelly Reichard (Grass River, Wendy and Lucy), Ti West (Le Perchoir, The Devil’s House, The Innkeepers), Rick Alverson (The comedy)and Jim Mickle (Land of stake). Films by promising authors will also be presented, in particular by Ana Asensio premium The most beautiful island, by Jenn Wexler the ranger, by Rob Mockler Like me, At Mickey Keating’s Dear, Ilya Chaiken child of freedom, by Joe Maggio bitter party, Glenn McQuaid I sell the dead, the hallucinatory I see you by Graham Reznick and the extremely experimental B&W-s8mm-Sci-Fi-futuristic-Robot film Automata by James Felix McKenney.

In addition to the theatrical feature film screenings, the retrospective will also feature an online program featuring animated shorts by longtime Glass Eye Pix collaborator Beck Underwood, two behind-the-scenes documentaries on the making of the films. Glass Eye Nothing to say and Lost bullets as well as two feature-length documentaries produced by the company.

Fessenden said of the program, “I am honored to have our film collection recognized by such a venerable institution as MoMA. Although my name appears in the title of this retrospective, it is actually a celebration of all the artisans who have worked under the Glass Eye banner over the years: fellow producers, crew members, actors, sound designers, graphic designers. and of course the directors and writers, many of whom have collaborated on more than one project and in different capacities, in different roles, telling original stories that are personal and vital across many disparate genres and mediums, created under one production with the philosophy that art matters. It means a lot that our little corner of showbiz is enjoying a brief moment in the spotlight.

More details and tickets on sale here. There will also be virtual events for MoMA members.


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