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In lighter news, the Jackass boys are back with their wild antics, showing a touch of gout won’t stop them from having fun.

Jackass Forever quickly spread on Twitter, with many eagle-eyed fans spotting cameos from Eric Andre, Tyler the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly – the latter seems to have had his ass stretched via a hand giantess, emblematic of his 2018 fight with Eminem.

The iconic diss battle is heralded as MGK’s move into rock, which he’s admittedly been pretty good at since starting a war with the Oscar-winning rapper in 2012.

It’s alleged that bad blood has been brewing since MGk’s infamous tweet escaping that Eminem’s underage daughter was ‘hot’, which was just one of many pieces of evidence of his sinister thought processes, including the oft-forgotten Fuse interview from 2013.

This interview, featuring a Kelly pre-hair plug, shows the rapper listing all the rockstars he knew had sex with teenage girls, which, in his warped mind, was reason enough to validate his crush on celebrity and minor at the time, Kendall Jenner.

But given that he is now dating Megan Fox and has gone on to mainstream success, everyone likes to forget what a freak he is.

After dissing Eminem for years for allegedly blackballing him in the industry, MGK has worked overtime to get his idol’s attention, including numerous tweets and a feature of Tech N9ne’s song “No Reason which had lines that strongly hinted that Eminem needed an ego. Check.

When Eminem responded by directly dismissing Kelly for making lewd comments about his daughter, MGK launched with ‘Rap Devil’, accusing Eminem of being out of touch and a has-been, with nothing left in the tank – a song which was, admittedly, rather good.

Of course, Eminem’s response with ‘Killshot’ proved to be a fatal wound, with iconic lines such as ‘I’d rather be 80 me than 20 you’ showing he wasn’t out yet. Game.

Although the Jackass trailer shows a limping Kelly once again knocked unconscious by the hand of a boomer, it’s unclear what kind of music he’ll switch to this time around.

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