Liam Neeson uncovers government conspiracy in Blacklight movie trailer



Secret Agent Liam Neeson uncovers a government plot and finds his family at risk in the new action-packed Blacklight trailer.

Liam Neeson uncovers shady government conspiracy in new trailer Black light. Neeson, 69, has threatened to withdraw from action movies on several occasions, but he is clearly not ready to hang up his arms just yet.

Indeed, Neeson shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to appear in one action-packed B movie after another. In his latest film Black light, the Taken The star plays a freelance fixer with a long history of dangerous covert operations who uncovers a government plot to wipe out ordinary citizens for obscure reasons. Because this is a Neeson vehicle, his character’s family soon finds himself threatened by the same people he worked for, and he now has to expose the truth while saving his loved ones from the bad guys, in the process of prove that it is. nice guys (even if he beats a lot of people).


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The first Neeson’s trailer Black light has now caught on (via Collider) and it can be said that the movie looks very familiar, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on the mood of the actor’s fans. See the clip in the space below:

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Neeson’s vehicles can of course be somewhat varied, ranging from relatively modest Eastwoodian films like The sniper to the realm of ridiculous self-parody, as in the case of over-the-top films like The commuter and Continued cold. Black light would seem to fall more on the action flick side, as he sees Neeson playing a character that is very reminiscent of the one he portrayed in the Taken films, even from the threatened family angle. But Neeson’s character isn’t alone in his fight this time around as he’s joined by a crusading reporter played by The Umbrella AcademyIt’s Emmy Raver-Lampman. The cast also includes Tim Draxl, Taylor John Smith and Aidan Quinn.

It remains to be seen whether Neeson’s latest action effort will attract one of the star’s diehard fans to the multiplex when it hits theaters. But now is obviously not the best time for the box office for a non-Marvel movie, as COVID uncertainty is once again plaguing the film industry. Amid all this discomfort however, Neeson remains a constant and reassuring presence as he continues to challenge the aging process and produce action films at a rate that would be impressive for a man half his age. Black light hits theaters exclusively on February 11, 2022.

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