Independent director Kamali Culpepper wins awards for her trailer



Brandon, Fla., Jan.5, 2022 – ( – Kamali Culpepper Wins Awards in Film Competitions

Kamali Culpepper of Lady K Productions has won six prestigious Recognition Awards in three sister competitions: the Best Short Film Competition, the Global Accolade Film Competition and the IndieFEST Film Awards. She also won the award for best trailer at the Europe Film Festival UK.

The awards were given for the thrilling trailer for Kamali Culpepper’s mystery and sci-fi film Melatonin, which she hopes to turn into a TV series. Melatonin is told about a college student taking mystery pills to help her sleep, but she ends up with unexpected side effects. It was filmed at the University of Tampa while Kamali was a student. She wrote, directed and edited the web series turned trailer. Kamali said, “It’s amazing to be recognized by so many different film competitions. This is my first time doing a project at film festivals, so it’s great that like that I’m an award-winning independent filmmaker. I will now write a pilot episode for Melatonin and present it.

Alyssa Mitchell played the main character, Olivia, and she said, “I was fascinated by the script. It was different and had a story that could go anywhere.”

Andrea Wakefield played best friend Ava and she said: “It was a pleasure to be a part of such a special project and to be recognized for all the hard work.”

Gina Tarrou played FBI agent Catherine and said, “Melatonin was such a creative script. I’m so glad Kamali was recognized for her work! She deserves it.”

These sister competitions recognize film, television, videography and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievements in craftsmanship and creativity. Entries are judged by highly qualified professionals from the film and television industry. By winning these awards, Kamali Culpepper joins the ranks of other high-level winners of this internationally renowned award, including Oscar winner M. Hublot by Laurent Witz and Oscar winner 2021 “If Anything Happens I Love You “by Laura Dern, Will McCormack and Michel Govier.

The Europe Film Festival UK (EFFUK) is a renowned monthly competition and annual online film festival. This is an IMDb eligible festival, which means directors will be able to post their “awards” on their IMDb profile.

Lady K Productions was created by independent filmmaker Kamali, 25. She recently released a comedy / criminal short titled “Cleaning House” on Vimeo on Demand. She wrote, directed and edited the short film. They are three young maids who must find a way to reimburse their boss for the crime. It has been called a less dark version of the movie “Set it Off” and compared to the movie “Oceans 11”. She hopes to develop the concept of the short film and make it into a television series similar to the Good Girls and Claws television series.

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