Everyone’s favorite new daily social media movie game – Framed!


Everyone’s favorite new daily social media movie game – Framed!

by Alex Billington
April 1, 2022

Move over to Wordle, there’s a fun new movie game in town! Inspired by Wordle (which was purchased by the NY Times after being extraordinarily successful), Heardle and all the other spinoffs – there’s a new social media movie game to play called framed. I’ve been addicted to playing it for the past few weeks and it seems like everyone else I know is enjoying it too. “A game for movie buffs and casual movie buffs!” So how do you play? Visit the website located at framed.wtf and you will see an image from a movie. You have to guess the movie from this ONE picture. If you are wrong (or if you have no idea), you can reveal up to 5 additional images before the end of the game. Simply type the movie title into the box for your rating (the correct titles will appear there) and enjoy. That’s it! The frames have become increasingly obscure in recent days.

Framed game

Box played

Click any of the screenshot images above to go to Framed’s website, bookmark it, and play every day. You can post your daily score on Twitter or Facebook or any social media to see how you did compared to everyone else. Some of the frameworks are harder to understand than others, while others you’ll know right away. The creator of Frame is currently anonymous – you can follow and interact with him on Twitter @framedwtf. The site explains, “Each day a new movie is chosen from a somewhat curated list compiled by me.” There have only been 21 days of framed so far. It’s harmless, fun for movie geeks, and there’s no prize money, nothing up for grabs, except some cinephile credibility. If you want to play more video games, there is a box office version of these online games called boxofficega.me so – guess the movie based on random box office tallies.

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