Dead: Let It Die opening movie


GungHo Online Entertainment and Supertrick Games have released the opening movie of a multiplayer survival game called Deathverse. Let him die.

Here’s a preview of the game by heading over to GungHo Online Entertainment.

Killer gameplay

In the Battle of Survival in the Deathverse: Let It Die, you will compete against players and fight dangerous in-game enemies in player vs player battles. Modern weaponry is built for the fear of death, so you can customize your original character with upgrades that you collect and unlock by cheating death, outlast your competitors, and climb the roster to become a star!

It is an island inhabited in SPLithium, an essential energy source in Deathverse: Let it die. A strain of bacteria and eczema are said to have created bacteria. The plants and animals that come from this island cannot survive. If that wasn’t enough, even more deadly enemies enter the war, with nigh-invincible hunters, to force ruthlessly combatable fighters.

As the opponent of this glamorous gorefest, you do battle with a robotic device known as Wilson, which gives you all the tools you need to survive. These armored robots are perfect for combat.

  • Get your competitors through various weapons and defeat your competitors.
  • Deploy protective shields to stop attackers in their tracks.
  • Shoot your enemies with electric weapons.
  • Activate any skill you need to create according to your style.
  • As you progress you can upgrade your Wilson and unlock more options in your game.

A book to die for: A story of the dead.

Deathverse: Let It Die takes players into the world of the global horror television series Death Jamboree. Even though Death Jamboree is known to be produced by the enigmatic Yotsuyama Broadcasting Company, the past of events is mysterious with a cabal of shadowy characters.

After a long period of practice, you should love your favorite weapon, catch fans with musical moves, and feel like a global audience – to become a rising star.

Deathverse: Let It Die will be released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on September 28.

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