Crush Movie Trailer Teases Hulu’s LGBTQ+ Teenage Romantic Comedy


The trailer for Hulu’s latest original film, Crush, seeks to add to the growing collection of rom-coms centered on the teenage LGBTQ+ experience.

The trailer for Hulu’s new original movie, To crush, just released, teasing an LGBTQ+ teen romantic comedy. The film is directed by Sammi Cohen (College Humor Originals) and produced by American High, the studio behind Hulu’s recent comedies, Plan B (2021) and sex appeal (2022). Kirsten King and Casey Rackham make up the editorial team as two LGBTQ+ writers from BuzzFeed’s former and current editorial staff, respectively. The film stars Rowan Blanchard (Snowdrop), Auli’i Cravalho (Vana), Isabelle Ferreira (Love, Victor), and Tyler Alvarez (American Vandal). To crush also stars Teala Dunn, Rico Paris and Addie Weyrich, with Aasif Mandvi, Michelle Buteau and Megan Mullally rounding out the film’s authority figures.


Huluwas recently deleted To crush The trailer reveals that the new film will follow a CalArts hopeful who joins her school’s track crew in pursuit of her titular crush, but realizes that the one she originally had was no – not be the one who stole his heart. Along the way, she is helped by the one she describes herself”platonic soulmate of a best friend, who cares for her by helping her navigate their high school’s LGBTQ+ love scene. The film seems to tackle the age-old back and forth between the arts and athletics, with the protagonist on both sides of the fence. The trailer for To crush ends with a voiceover from the leader saying “I’m learning that when it comes to art, you can’t force it. It’s a bit like love“, which seems to sum up the heart of this To crush is coming. Check out the full trailer below:

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Hulu’s 2021 movie, Plan B, was a teen comedy that was warmly received by audiences and critics. However, their most recent effort to add to the genre with rom-com, Sex call, was far less successful with audiences and ultimately doomed to be compared to the more successful Netflix show, Sex education. Despite its hits or misses, there’s a growing appetite for more teen rom-coms that positively portray the LGBTQ+ high school experience, fueled by the success of movies like Smart Library (2019) and Half of This (2020). The trailer for To crush promises a diverse rom-com that could live up to audiences’ adoration for such movies, while capitalizing on the clever comedy and friendship that made Plan B a success. The public will have the chance to see if To crush made another successful debut for Hulu when it released exclusively on the streaming platform on April 29.

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