Batman Adam West 1966 Mash-Up TV Series Movie Trailer

Selina Kyle strokes the blue mask from Adam West's 1966 Batman on a rooftop at sunrise.

Screenshot: Warner Bros./Corridor Team

That you love The Batman or hated him or thought he had charms but was way, far too obsessed with himselfThere’s one thing I hope we all agree on, and that’s this: The Batman would have been a lot of fun if it was original 1966 Batman TV series star Adam West played the role of Bruce Wayne instead of Robert Pattinson. To disagree? I present to the court, “Exhibit A”.

Proof of that is this fun mash-up video where those Corridor Crew knuckles digitally inserted footage of Adam West, playing Batman, from the half-century-old show into the movie’s trailer instead. by Pattinson. Well, not just West – Paul Dano’s Riddler has been replaced by Frank Gorshin, while Colin Farrell has been vastly improved with Burgess Meredith’s monocle,”wak wak”-ing Penguin. (Zoe Kravitz remains Selina Kyle/Catwoman, presumably because she does a lot of gymnastics and sneaks into film footage, and replacing her with Eartha Kitt would have been a prohibitive amount of work.) Here it is:

The Batman director Matt Reeves retweeted the video and called it “incredible”, and I’m inclined to agree, although I think it would have been even more effective if the filmmakers had played it a bit more directly. The 1966 original series was campy and silly enough to make a hilarious dichotomy with the impossibly overly serious film – the moment Adam West picks up the police phone and says “Hello, it’s Batman” in such a friendly tone at the Imprisoned Riddler is golden – without making it more cartoonish with wacky soundbites or the overreliance on the classic Batman movie’s big bomb scene. But I’m also well aware that I think about it too much and should accept any amount of fun that gets piled into The Batman without hesitation.

[Via Nerdist]

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