Are you going to condemn the latest movie show…or say the trip to the Oscars is a good trip? decide after watching the trailer


Latest movie trailer: “I want to read Ujiaare (light)…, Light makes a story…, Story makes a film. A dazzling light coming from behind the forehead in the dark. The shadow of the child’s hand appears on the big screen. A boy’s voice rings out – I want to read the light. As soon as this aspiration of a child manifests, you become with his desire. Then in front of the eyes, the cinema reel box, the single-screen theater, the old train and its locomotive, the children running in the field…! They all come one by one. Teahouse scenes, mother’s care, society’s misery are also seen.

This is the trailer From the film ‘Last Film Show’ sent by India for the 95th Academy Awards. It is originally a Gujarati film, titled “Chello Show”. Every year, India sends its films to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars) in the foreign language category. This time, that glory went to director Nalin Pan’s “Last Film Show.” As the film is to be screened before going to the Oscars, its trailer was released on Wednesday. The film will be released in India on October 14. Nalin Pan, director of ‘Last Film Show’, is known for making films about serious subjects. His new film also focuses on the sensitive subject.

second gujarati film at oscar
Films are sent from India every year as an official entry for the Oscars. Many films made in India or with Indian themes or Indian actors have also won Oscars. But America or any other Indian language, so far no Indian movie has received Oscar from Film Academy in foreign language category. As far as Gujarati language movies are concerned, “Chello Show” is the second movie in this language. Earlier in 2013, “The Good Road” was sent to India for the Oscars. Talking about the second film based on Gujarat, the mention of “Manthan” comes. Shyam Benegal’s film about the problems of farmers in Gujarat was sent to the Oscars in 1977.

Controversy as soon as Oscar’s name appears

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